Our Trip To Scotland

Well, we’re back from a lovely week away in Scotland. This was Dan’s first time across the border and what a beautiful place it is!

It seems the further north you go the higher the hills, the lower the valleys and the more rugged the landscape becomes. In short, a photographer’s dream.

We stayed in Loch Rannoch which is a lovely little village with plenty of beautiful scenery surrounding it as well as the stunning Loch of which we were lucky enough to be staying just yards away, great news for us and even better for the mosquitoes and other biting insects which had no qualms about eating us alive!

We saw sights, met Highland Sheep & rather friendly Pheasants, we ate, we slept we drank disturbing amounts of whiskey and had a very special and memorable time.

Here is just a snippet of some of the photos…

Scotland-Wedding-Photography-001 Scotland-Wedding-Photography-002 Scotland-Wedding-Photography-003 Scotland-Wedding-Photography-004 Scotland-Wedding-Photography-005 Scotland-Wedding-Photography-006 Scotland-Wedding-Photography-007 Scotland-Wedding-Photography-008 Scotland-Wedding-Photography-009 Scotland-Wedding-Photography-010 Scotland-Wedding-Photography-011 Scotland-Wedding-Photography-012 Scotland-Wedding-Photography-013 Scotland-Wedding-Photography-014 Scotland-Wedding-Photography-015 Scotland-Wedding-Photography-016 Scotland-Wedding-Photography-017 Scotland-Wedding-Photography-018 Scotland-Wedding-Photography-019 Scotland-Wedding-Photography-020 Scotland-Wedding-Photography-021 Scotland-Wedding-Photography-022 Scotland-Wedding-Photography-023 Scotland-Wedding-Photography-024 Scotland-Wedding-Photography-025 Scotland-Wedding-Photography-026 Scotland-Wedding-Photography-027 Scotland-Wedding-Photography-028 Scotland-Wedding-Photography-029 Scotland-Wedding-Photography-030 Scotland-Wedding-Photography-031